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. transformation is underway. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: well, hello, america. i want to talk to you again about the fundamental transformation of america. it could happen tomorrow. i have to tell you, there a are -- it's like you can't catch your breath. how long have we been running? this has been a marathon now since last year. and there are some nasty things happening. maybe tomorrow. that will transform our country. you will add another star to our flag. you haven't heard this anywhere. you will tonight. and you better pay attention and call your friends and tell them, because it could happen tomorrow. the vote. now, before i give you the full details, there is something you have to understand, first. that is progressives. what is it that progressives believe? progressives are all about big government and power and control. it doesn't matter about democrat or republican. it's power and control. control over you. you don't choose for yourself. we'll give you some options. but we're not going to make them clear. we will give you some options and we'll control it. this is the european mo
, america. by the way, washington, we're on to you and we're keeping an eye on what you're doing on thursday. i wouldn't miss tomorrow's episode. the hate is flowing in america. especially in arizona. oh, it's like do you remember from "ghost busters" i think it was "ghostbuster ii." there it is. the river of slime oozing underneath the surface infecting everything. hate boiling up. well, here is how representative jared pollis described the mood in arizona. arizona law is like nazi germany. it's absolutely reminiscent of second class status of jews in germany. prior to world wire ii when they had -- world war ii when they had to show their papers and had them with them all the time and suspect to routine inspections at the suspicious of being jewish. i fear arizona is headed for a police state. boy, i'm glad somebody said it! arizona sure is putting the a-z in "nazi" aren't they? i hate to rain on the hate parade, but can we slow down just a second here? and ask you're out of your mind. am i alone in that? you are out of your mind! are you comparing the systemic cold-blooded extermination o
to go down a bit, but more jobs are being added, but why hasn't it reached rural america, and that's a bit of a crisis. he's targeting areas in southeast iowa, this part of illinois and missouri where he is now, that have not come back as fast as other areas. there's been an uneven aspect to the recovery, the midwest and south in general have seen some faster recovery than you have seen on the coasts, and then specifically then the difference between rural and urban america, where rural america has struggled, particularly these towns that were like one factory towns that sported the whole town and they're looking for that new one fact tore to re-support the town. >> you're in quincy, the president will talk about the urgent need to wall street reform, but i heard you speaking with andrea mitchell and yew own show earlier, that the president didn't even bring up goldman sachs and all the shenanigans that went on, if you will. what is the white house saying? >> deputy press secretary bill burton on the plane to quincy was asked specifically, well, he said the president will not comme
. america is the country that stopped the nazis is actual nazis themselves. you are as edgy as a ball of play-doh. your prize for this astute comentary is with sean robins and sean penn. i need a horse video to cleanse my pallet. >> i told you it would make you forget everything. it makes you forget everything. i have to ask you, larry, have you been around and seen protests -- a lot of protest music. what do you make of this? >> the fact that she forgot that were it not for the united states military she would be singing burgin-de-friegenzie. >> is that swedish? >> thalz the closest i can -- that's the closest i can get. these people who have become suddenly famous, all of a sudden are suddenly brilliant. and their world view extends past their boobinskis or whatever. the fact she would do that -- the whole deal that war never changed anything, well except slavery and tierney and naziism. no, it never fixed anything. go ask tiger woods or michael jordan if they wish the civil war never happened. they would probably tell you no. playing basketball and playing golf is a lot better than
in america. officers being assaulted. officer involved shootings, carjackings home invasions in the absence of federal action our state now taking action. it is welcomed action and step by us who serve in law enforcement. >> greta: we could go back well beyond former president clinton when he was in office and find federal lead said we've got to secure our borders. i take it do you not think our government is going to secure the borders? have you given up or not? >> not at all. what chief is a lack of uniformity here even locally. we've had an evolution, if you will, in local leaders even in law enforcement, where we've always bought into this idea that that i is a federal problem. we can no longer afford to ignore that crime in my county where we have a third of our population is hispanic, latino, i have 200 of my taff that are, we are going to apply this new law without profiling anyone. last month get we had -- >> greta: go ahead sorry to interrupt. >> raft last month we had 64 pursuits in one of our patrol regions. a vehicle fails to yield for our lights going on and sirens blaring, the
in america as well. >> you mean that wealth and prosperity are not ultimately fulfilling, and this creates, in fact, a craving for spirituality at a certain point, that what you're saying? and this is true with muslims true? >> well, islam -- islamic teaching is balanced between the economic and the wealth and the spiritual well-being. so both have to go hand in hand. and when people focus only on the economic advancements without the spirituality islam says that will take them eventually to their own direction. >> imam, you know that as this program proceeds we're going to be talking about what the koran says about jesus. >> yes, sir. >> and i think our audience is going to be quite surprised about what the koran does say about jesus. and how much it reveres jesus, while not, of course, assuming that he is the son of god. but that he is a prophet and he is a divine prophet, if a sense without actually having divinity we'll get to that? a moment. but you see opposite a gentleman that has been sitting patiently. he's not muslim, he's christian, he's southern baptist and he's a pastor here i
as an opportunity to right size our government long-term and to reform our tax system to help america be fully competitive in this new world that we confront. with that, i just want to again conclude by thanking al and thank you were setting the right tone. you know, we've been handed a very serious responsibility. i hope history will write that we were equal to this challenge and that we produce a result that was critically important for this country. >> i've been asked by many about my participation in this group and a sight to most this could easily fall into the category that it goes unpunished. whereat about a $33 billion company, 120,000 employees with about half of those sales enough of those employees outside the u.s. so i travel a lot and i go to a lot of converging regions. one of the things i wish that there is a strong hunger to make a difference, to work hard, to create the conditions for growth and to be especially competitive with developed economies. we face a tough problem as we all say today and i think it's important to recognize that it's one that does affect our global com
by closed captioning s. >>> america seating over a new to combat illegal immigration in arizona protests resulted in vandalism, violence and arrest. the measure signed by the governor is intended to combat 460,000 illegals living in arizona. pro illegal immigration rallies have consumed the streets of phoenix fueled by headlines around the country that has call the bill shameful, likening apartied. 0 s problem forgot to read the bill. it is the criticism of the thank you is over-the-top not the law. protesters sat down to read the law they would find racial profile something prohibited in fact, prove of -- proof of citizenship can only be requested by authorities during lawful contact by police. meaning the individual is already suspected of breaking the law. the left don't want you to know that. joining me with reaction former alaskan governor sarah palin. your reaction first to the law and the reaction by the left? >> thankfully, byron york hit the nail on the head summarizing what the law is about. there is no ability or opportunity in there for the racial profiling. shame on the lame
right now are the problems which we in america will probably face in the not-too-distant future. those problems are massive out of control entitlement programs, enormous debt, massive deficits, and continuing big spending programs. in short, martha, they can't pay their bills. greece can't, out of money, portugal is threatened, spain is threatened, italy, austria, probably in the same boat down the road if this thing spreads. so if i may say, their writing is on our wall. now -- go ahead, sorry. martha:is -- i was just going to say, stuart, you listen to that list of countries and one could argue, you know, the united states has not been in the same category in terms of the strength of our economy as those countries for quite some time. >> oh, for a long, long time. the equation is not between uncle sam, the federal government and america and greece and portugal and spain. no, the association is with the state governments of california, new york, and new jersey. they have run out of money. they face an enormous decifit and budget crunch. they need bailouts. so there is a mirror image h
in north america and not an asian story as it was north america. and dupont yesterday notably raised their guidance. trish, back to you. >> yes, they did. thank you, bob pisani. >>> well, the stocks tacked on more gains after the fed announced it would kitsch raeep unchanged, but how long should the fed spur along here? what is ahead for your money? we will get more from david kelley, chief market strategist at jpmorgan funds, and then we also have michael yoshikami, president and chief investment strategist at ycm wealth investment strategies. so, i will begin with you, mr. kelley, what is your take on the european debt situation and how much of a problem for the u.s. markets? you saw not a big reaction on spain today, but you had greece and portugal cut yesterday, and we did see a bit of a sell-off. what is your take as we move forward? >> well, it is really a threat. i mean, what i worry about is the politics here. the reality is that greece is too big to fail. and, you know, i think that the reason we did not sell-off after spain is that people realized that the gains are almost
ignited a firestorm of controversy across america with copycat legislation on the way. the president put it this way -- >> you can imagine if you are hispanic-american in arizona, you're great grandparents may have been there before arizona was even a state. but now suddenly if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're going to be harassed. that's something that could potentially happen. that's not the right way to go. >> you know, that sound bite really hit me. the magnitude of what the president just said. the president of the united states of america, just talked to people in a crowd saying you might be need something papers to stay legal in america. now the president is a constitutional scholar and a person of color. he is uniquely qualified and understands why this law is unamerican and racist. the story also has the attention of america's top law enforcement officials. he is attorney general mark holder. >> that law is an unfortunate one. i think that it is, i fear, subject to potential abuse and i'm very concerned about the wedge that it could d
believe my product was proper. >> reporter: in an interview to air on "good morning america," blankfein refused to say that goldman is being singled out. >> we surely aren't the only financial firm. and i think, in most of these markets, we were not the largest or even a large participant, compared to others. so, i can wish that the focus wasn't so disproportionately on us. but i'm not making any claims of unfairness. >> reporter: democrats had hoped that hearing would help them move ahead with financial reform. but with no republican support right now, the gop blocked a vote in the senate for the second-straight day. jeremy and vinita? >> all right. t.j. winick in washington. thanks. >>> and we'll have more from claire shipman's interview with lloyd blankfein later on "good morning america." >>> some politics now. our new poll must caused some serious concern for members of congress. 57% of voters we asked said they will look around for someone else to vote for in november. that's the lowest level of incumbent support since 1994. asked what party they will support in the fall. 48% say
have asked him if he thinks america owes reparations in the form of territory to the people of mexico. and our favorite sanctuary city, san francisco, also might lend the arizona boycotters support by joining the effort. city attorney dennis herrera recommends that the city by the bay terminate contracts with arizona businesses immediately. it's all nonsensical. look, people have a right to lodge their opposition to this and any other law they think is unfair. this is after all what hundreds of thousands did during the health care debate. but the proposed boycott of arizona is a cheap publicity stunt, not to mention illogical and counter productive. those of us who support arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration should encourage our own states to adopt similar measures. after all, if states can't help enforce the very immigration laws that congress has passed, then the concept of national sovereignty and the rule of law are totally meaningless. that's the memo. now to the top story tonight reaction. with us now is alfonzo ago glar. the executive director of the latino partnership f
take into consideration the growing income disparities in america? .. congressman spratt. [inaudible] >> instead of social security, but human wrote one of the best little polygraphs readable by almost anybody on the subject some time ago. how immediate is the problem? how urgent is that problem and what are some of the options available to cave-in person-years to come? >> well, looked at compared to some of the other contributors to growing deficits, social security may not look like a princess that, but as we look over the next half-century, as we showed, when we think about social security policy, it's clear that some significant changes are going to have to be made. those changes can be quite modest if we begin doing them now. social security saucily program, which has not been changed in significant ways over there. since night and 35 notwithstanding the fact that the demographics of the country have changed, the patterns of marriage and work have changed and income levels have changed. and i think they're about to other steps that could be taken to modernize the program and mak
and in washington. the show starts right now. >>> good afternoon. in america today, the political games continue over financial reform despite the very real effect this back and forth has on us. the senate goldman sachs hearing shining that much more light on the shenanigans that continue to this day to play out on wall street. nearly two years after the financial meltdown and subsequent an ongoing tax funded pare bailouts. both republicans and democrats are united on one front. both want to appear, appear, to be angry at the big banks. >> how much of that deal did you sell to your clients after -- >> two things i'm getting, number one, nobody's done anything wrong. this was the natural disaster like a hurricane hit. >> we're trying to hone in on why we've got so many unemployed people in my state and why so many people in missouri have lost incredible amounts of money in their pensions. >> we're learning more about goldman, that they urnled saleses people to -- that goldman was exposed to by dumping goldman's investments on to unwitting clients, that goldman in theory was paid to represent. thi
on in america, so it isn't really a choice for them, this culture. to me, the culture has to start from the top and i'm going to give you an example, and i'll be short, mr. chairman, as i always am. i was governor for eight years in west virginia and we were having unacceptably high death rates in hour mines. i decided that as chief executive, that is, c.e.o., that i would go to each of the mines where the mine inspectors would gather, after there had been a death. that had never happened before. there i was sitting, as there were trying to explain to each other what happened and who should have done what. things happened. everything was different, because the culture change took place at the top. now i'm not saying that i changed the world, but it did have an effect and that's why in a secret world it end of 35 miles of hard driving, and then a thousand to 2,000 feet underground, when only a few -- or only a few people from that state or from any state have ever been, it has to come from the top. it has to come from the top. >> mr. chairman, related to that, i have been down in an underground
and illinois to continue another campaign of sorts. selling the recovery to small town rural america, which in these parts is still hurting a little bit. at a town hall yesterday, the president avoid the goldman chaos back in washington. he didn't have any four-letter words to drop but did get in a dig at republicans who he says a are blow blocking efforts to reform banking laws. take a listen how he basically says arizona has legalized racial profiling. >> you can imagine if you are a hispanic american in arizona, your great grandparents may have been there before arizona was even a state. but now suddenly, if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're going to be harassed. that's something that could potentially happen. that's not the right way to go. >> now, savannah, that was part of a town hall. he wasn't planning on making immigration remarks but the audience knowing it was the news decided to ask. another issue in the news though that he avoided has been goldman. all that stuff was happening yesterday. he didn't say a word about goldman. it will be
carries the flag for the america envisioned by the founding fathers. jefferson and madison would like this senator because he honors the institutions of our republic. he exemplifyies government as i was meant to be, philosophical debate, good faith negotiation and just as important, action. we debate, find agreement, we act. i've watched senator graham on any number of issues since he came to congress. on an impressive number of occasions, he has been the indispensable lawmaker, the senator who accepts the oath of wide opinion and patriotic passions. he worked for the past year to find a bill that would meet america's energy needs, but also the need for renewables down the road. he has shown courage for concern. he has joined a sound approach to immigration reform that would deal in a realistic way with people living in the country illegally. but also insists on a workable system for the illegal hiring of immigrants. his comprehensive reform in which he has been joined by john kerry. good immigration policy, good americanism. graham recently criticized the senate democratic leadership
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here in america about what this comes amid controversy surrounding the new immigration law in arizona that sparked protests this week. >> this new law allows police to question people about their immigration status. these students believe it will discriminate against immigrants. >> our fear is that our country will regress and racial profiling will become a law that is prohibited like an arizona. >> the students say their fight is far from over and they plan to hold the rally saturday morning followed by a march to the white house. >>> meanwhile, district council members are looking to block d.c. police from joining a federal program to crackdown on illegal immigrants. counties in maryland and virginia have joined the federal fingerprinting program that allows police to check the immigration status of people they arrest. council members are sponsoring a bill to keep d.c. police from joining of that program. >>> two people on board a plane traveling from frederick, maryland to mississippi have died in a crash. federal investigators say that plane went down in eastern kentucky about 5:3
immigrants crossing from mexico and from central america. so the reality that the police officers will be given free reign to question and ask, that's racial profiling at its best. >> we've been bringing you both sides even before it became front-page news and ignited heated debate nation wide. i had the arizona lawmaker who authored the bill in the newsroom. let's do this. let's roll the portion of that interview with state senator russell pierce. >> it's outrageous that we continue to have the anarchists and the open border while phoenix has 50% of the hom sized of phoenix are committed by illegal aliens. phoenix is number two in the world in kidnappings. it's become the home invasion, carjacking and identity theft capital of the world. we're not putting up with it anymore. >> so let's focus on the concern over violence. our josh levs has a bit of a fact check. josh. >> at the time when you heard the numbers we thought we have to fact check this. of course, we do. the idea about half of the homicides in that area coming from illegal immigrants. let me go straight to the facts fo
, actually as we heard just a few weeks ago about 47% of the lowest income earners in america pay almost no tax. i think -- no income tax. they do pay significant employment taxes, social security and medicare. in fact, every american worker pays 7.5% combined social security and employment tax. income tax will vary from -- i think the average federal income tax, even people making $40,000 to $50,000 was in the 3% or 4% range, which is still three or four times what goldman sachs was paying and of course once you get to the higher levels, the federal income tax rate is somewhere -- i think the average american making more than $250,000 a year pays an average of 23%. that's just somebody making $250,000, $300,000 a year, not the billions and billions of dollars that goldman sachs has made, they pay 23% on average more than goldman sachs paid. ms. speier: thank you. i now recognize my good friend from the state of oregon, peter defazio. mr. defazio: i think the american people are a bit confused as to what's really going on here. and it's, you know, a lot like the humphrey bow gart movie,
to raise cost for community banks, small business people, for dealers, everybody in america. in the end not do what's right. another little thing. why aren't fannie and freddie in this bill? that's where it started, that's where it began. they ran us in the ground with bad mortgages, yet they completely conveniently ignore them. why is that? because they have been a sign for the democratic party. >> as you're speaking, we've got a full screen that outlines some of the big points in the gop plan for financial reform. so as you're speaking i want to throw those up so viewers are aware. one of those we've got is exactly what you just mentioned, ending taxpayer support of fannie mae and freddie mac. if that were to be included would be the gop be happy? >> they aren't going to be happy with one or two things. they are happy to get rid of the $50 billion bailout because they know the bailout is that the bill. that the allow bailouts for businesses. there's a lot of things in this bill we need to change. fannie and freddie is an important part that needs to be fighting for the bill. republica
street wreaking havoc all across main street, all across america. >> reporter: the democratic national committee joined the fray with a hard-hitting ad targeting key republicans. >> republicans stood by as wall street ran wild. >> reporter: next, senate democrats turned up the heat, threatening to keep the senate in session all night. >> we're going to stay here and do this work. wall street reform is that important. so we're going to stay here. >> reporter: finally, republicans agreed to stop their filibuster, ending three days of unanimous opposition to debating the bill. >> i will now vote to proceed to the financial reform bill. >> reporter: the president praised the breakthrough late today at a stop in southern illinois. >> i'm very pleased that after a few days of delay it appears an agreement may be in hand to allow this debate to move forward on the senate floor on this critical issue. (cheers and applause) >> reporter: now, tomorrow the debate begins and it will be a contentious one. republicans say the bill as it now stands encourages future bailout. democrats disagree and sa
growth in north america, as well as europe. the important thing is there are all the major stocks from basic chemical group and dupont had excellent guidance and now you had dow chemical and dupont. finally on corning, a slightly different space. the important thing here, tv sales are improving around the globe and corning's numbers have been terrific and they talk about big global growth. they are essentially sold out on their glass business. that's what one analyst at bucking hm said this morning. >> thank you so much, bob pisani. >>> we have breaking news we want to go to a more than $7 billion utility takeover is in the works and our own david faber is reporting that ppl corporation is close to buying german unit eon. the company said it could neither confirm nor deny the report. ppl shares are moving lower, hitting a new 52-week low on the news right there. larry, over to you. >> thanks, trish. >>> europe's growing debt crisises putting pressure on policymakers to expand a bailout package beyond greece. the greek two-year note is trading at just about 18%. my goodness. cnbc's caro
. and today, we know it's small businesses that can create the jobs america needs. that's why at&t is investing billions to upgrade and build out our wired and wireless networks. making them faster, smarter, and more secure. connecting small businesses to markets across the country, and around the world. we invest now, because we know it will pay off... with new jobs, new growth, from a new generation, putting their belief in the future on the line. now is the time for investment and innovation. the future is waiting. and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. >>> the fairfax county board of supervisors approved their budget. it also includes a tax increase. and the vehicle license registration fee is coming back of $33. >>> ted leonsis on the verge of becoming one of the powerful sports owner. now the abe pollin family has reached an agreement to sell him the family share of the washington wizards and the verizon center. insiders say it could be official within a week. the leonsis group said they could not comment until th
with their money if it's backed by the taxpayers of this country. again, mr. president, america has been through financial collapses and deep economic downturns before, but we learned in the great depression, we learned. f.d.r. answered that crisis by implementing tough new regulations to stabilize the financial system, rein in risk taking and recklessness on wall street, make the economy work for ordinary americans. because of those -- those reforms made in the 1930's, we had decades of shared economic prosperity unprecedented in our nation's history. and then we threw it all overboard about ten years ago, 11 years ago. what we did in the 1930's needs to be our model. not the same, but it's a different system. it needs to be our model as we shape today's financial reform legislation. financial reform legislation ought to separate these big entities out. we can't have too big to fail. we need to have transparency. we need to stop banks from engaging in swaps and derivatives back and forth if they are backed by the fdic. now, these amendments, the cantwell amendment, the merkley amendment and oth
, regulations and policies, and ask what more can we do to ensure the health and safety of america's miners. there are miners, mine operators every day that run safe operations and save my. and miners go to work and come back every day unharmed, free of illness, free of death. that is the standard we need to put in place across this country. minors have the right to go in safely after every ship that i did go to working with this committee and will be happy to answer any questions that you have. i thank you again, mr. chairman, for calling this important hearing. naked. >> thank you very much, mr. main, and thank you for your leadership. just one question i have for you. you said tragedies taking a look at regular changes. that will simplify the criteria for minds in the pattern of violations program. i guess, if you don't want to get in all that now i would ask you to get, to submit to us what those rigor toward changes are that you can do and secretaries lease that we don't have to addressed legislatively. so if there are things you can do regulatory, that relieves us of the burden of doi
of the most hated men in america. he realizes that, and i think he'll take the steps necessary to follow through and prove people wrong, that he can be a good mate, as he says, and a good father. >> that baby is cute, no debate about that. >> you want to take the little cheeks and squeeze it. >> i'm a huge cheek guy, yeah. i know you'll have more on the show tonight. thanks so much. >> all right, jeff, thanks. >>> hospitalized rock star bret michaels do better today, but his recovery is far from over. he's learned he has a new health concern. doctors have diagnosed him with a sodium distinguishes that can case seizures. he already has diabetes. he's currently under observation at a hospital in an undisclosed location. a statement on his website says he could be in for a very painful recovery that could take months. >>> rielle hunter says she's no home wrecker. that's what she's telling oprah winfrey. >> every single person in her life, she says, told her, including john edwards, told her not to do this interview, but she is a person who is guided by what she feels and feels deeply, and s
. jonathan, thank you. now to a memorial for america's fallen soldiers. it's a big white cross, veterans built it on government land way back when. but the public land is now in private hands. so should the cross be forced to come down? we'll report as the supreme court decides. and florida's governor has apparently made up his mind now. charlie crist about to reveal whether he will be in the battle and on the ballot as a republican or an independent. a live report next from the journalists of fox news on tonight's fox report. neighborho. i told y it waserfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it befe they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you
to join us in the pledge to our country. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will entertain up to 15 requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentlewoman's time has expired rise? >> to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend -- the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman rise? >> to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> mr. speaker, as i watched yesterday's senate investigation subcommittee hearing, it was not just the greedy, irresponsible and likely illegal actions of some of goldman sachs' more dubious employees that was at the center of the attention. in fact, the useless and dangerous financial instruments known as synthetic collateralized debt obligations shared the spotlight as well. one of goldman's hot shot young stars who sold these investments to goldman's cli
. >>> another installment on this important medical call series, the enormous price on america's obesity epidemic and dr. phil will john me an dieting and right and wrong way to do it. >> if we go on restrictive diets, crash diets, yo-yo diets, they don't work and people tend to gain more weight than people who don't diet at all. [ male announcer ] and then we come across the ever-present office tiger. the director...the commander. [ boss ] i can smell your fear clear over here. [ male announcer ] blunt... what is wrong with you people? let...let me tell you what's wrong! [ male announcer ] hardworking...loves conflict. productivity is down. you're fired. you're fired. you're allll fired! [ male announcer ] and it's night-night time. the technique may look cruel, but it's painless and effective. when the tiger awakes, he'll be at the leadership instinct simulcast, hosted by express employment professionals. sign up now at [ mockingly ] you're fired. [ laughter ] nutrisystem's roll back sales event: lose weight and save money with our lowest price since 2004. i'm
viewers on pbs in america and elsewhere around the globe. coming up on the program, a place of shame. this is a secret iraqi prison, where inmates were beaten, tortured, and abuse. the world's biggest festival. well, no matter how much politicians try to control the election campaign, the unexpected always seems to happen. today, the british prime minister gordon brown, already in third place in the opinion polls, called a woman "bigoted." he made the remarks as he got back in his car, unaware that he was still wearing a microphone. he apologized at her home. nick robinson reports. >> hello, how are you? >> they said he wanted to meet more ordinary voters. after all, what on earth could possibly go wrong? >> they voted labour all of their life. >> it started well enough when the widow was introduced to gordon brown, and she is a widow. >> the deficit reduction plan, cutting the debt. we have the plan set out to do it. >> he seemed happy to talk, so she moved on, to the subject voters worry about and their leaders move cautiously around. immigration. >> all of these eastern europeans
fallout. >> financial markets plummeted in europe and america. the euro fell to a one year low against the dollar. that's good for travelers to europe, but bad for american companies that sell goods in europe. if those companies go broke, they will stop buying u.s. products. >>> toyota has announced yet another recall. this time it's about 50,000sequoia sport utility vehicles. the vehicles slow down unexpectedly. the automaker says there could be a problem with the stability control system. >>> it's do or die for the capitals tonight. they drop the puck in less than an hour. >> this could have been over five days ago. the caps could have been home resting, getting ready for the flyers. but they got careless, so now their backs are against the wall. we'll get you ready for game 7 tonight against the canadiens. can alex ovechkin and company fend off elimination. their thoughts, coming up. >>> continuing the ice theme here. we run the risk of frost tonight. the wind really whipping around the pollen. go to our website, you can access. high for trees. low for grasses, weeds, and mold. >>>
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of in the early days of promotion and unfortunately that's how you sell a book in america. >> that bothered you, that pro notion? >> we'd like to apology for wjz and earlier reports in this interview. we used unauthorized video of sher and oprah. >>> we told you about a stolen puppy. her american bully puppy is back home. she bought the dog for $4,000. the dog arrived at her home last week and the next day someone broke if her house and stole it. police have arrested one person in connection with that break-in. >>> spinal cord injuries can be devastating but linda so shows us how one woman is moving on after a serious neck injury threatened to slow her down. >> working hard. >> reporter: working out and staying fund is a candace was all about. this professional athlete has per own fitness company and workout cds. >> i was medivaced to shock trauma because i was in a severe car accident. >> reporter: it left her with a compressed spinal cord. >> i was in severe pain but i was willing to live with it to do the things i loved. >> reporter: she could not put off rt surgery any more. she went to a s
>>> good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's wednesday, april 28th. this morning, senate showdown. goldman sachs grilled in washington. but its top execs give no ground. saying they did nothing wrong as the housing market collapsed. we talk to the goldman ceo and the senate chairman who led the hearing this morning. >>> laura bush speaks out. we have a sneak peek of her new book, where she criticizes democrats for calling her husband a loser. and she talks about the first time where she believes she and the president may have been poisoned. >>> rielle hunter talks to oprah. why john edwards came clean when he did. and what elizabeth really knew about the relationship. >>> and a search crew turns up noah's ark. is it a hoax or the real deal? >>> so, what's the answer? hoax or real deal? >> i would love to be that well-preserved after 4,800 years. the jury's out. >> good point. >>> what a scene yesterday. the testimony, the cross-examination. but there was no meeting of the minds. senate chairman carl levin kept using the "s" word. you may
you live. phoenix is becoming the most polluted city in america and los angeles is number one for smog and ozone pollution. >>> i had a chance to talk to students about making better choices on the road. students are facing serious challenges and have had conduct issues in the record. we all had a great talk today. >> that is great to hear. >>> oprah winfrey once people to take a pledge to make their car a note phone zone. >> we took part -- we will take part in a no phone zone rally on friday. to get a complete list of the local activities, blolog onto we will have much more of that rally on abc 7 news at 5:00. >>> let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> we have a developing story from capitol hill. republicans are having a change of heart about financial reform. we will hear why. also, what changes they still want to make. a big shake-up in the republican party as one former star becomes an independent. >>> this weather is all over the place. >> cold and windy today. let's check in with the dog. >> every time you look out the window, it is something different. we will go up
will lead experts from north america and europe searching for cures for dozens of diseases. >> we're honored to have been chosen for the churches rare show of support for this new science. we're delighted that income tax our open researchers are linking with researchers in italy in order to explore possibilities. >> reporter: the study will focus on intestinal diseases like celiac disease and coalitis . >>> the reason behind this decision and the hefty fine that comes along with breaking the ban. >>> and she's known for living a quiet life in hollywood. but sandra sandra loving free to lose weight. loving free to eat what i love. loving free to live my life. ♪ loving free on weight watchers. and you will too. since right now you can join for free. weight watchers. because it works. achievement: is all around us. a part of our very lives. at pnc, we help make achievement happen. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> a mcdonald's happy meal tradition is banned in one california county. elected leaders in santa clara county have voted to ban happy meal toys and other promotion that's come with
market. that is what they got. >> stay tuned to "good morning america" during the interview with the chief executive of goldman sachs. southwest airlines has been fined $200,000 for violating federal rules on bumping passengers. many cases of sw failing to pay passengers the proper amount or failing to properly inform them of their rights. southwest baltimore passengers than any u.s. carrier last year. -- sw bumped more passengers. in santa clara in california, the mcdonald's restaurants, the toys are only to be included if the meal meets certain nutritional guidelines. >> three straight losses for the capitals now. should we expect a change for game 7 tonight, the last game? tambrands has the answer coming up. -- tim brant. >>> today on "oprah," heartbreaking revelations from former child star todd bridges, at 4:00 on abc 7. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the federal government has reached a $520 million settlement with the drug company astrazeneca. it dissolves allegations surrounding the company's anti psychotic drug seroquel. eric ho
, and try to show america what it does and defend itself. goldman sachs said it wasn't betting against its client, says it wasn't betting against the economy, but goldman sachs still merges here as an enemy to the recovery. that's the perception. and i asked this harvard-educated, multimillionaire wall street try tan who, by the way, kyra, at one point grew up in the projects, i asked him, how did this happen? how did he become the face of all of this and what would he have done differently? can i ask you how you became the poster boy for main street versus wall street? you're a guy who grew up with working-class parents, working-class family, your dad was a postal worker, and now you're the guy who's the face of the enemy of main street. how did that happen? >> i know in some quarters maybe that's a fair characterization, buff i hope it's not like that broadly. and i hope it doesn't stay that way. i don't know that -- how it's happened. >> there are people with signs saying america's public enemy number one, lloyd blankfein. that must pain you. >> well, seeing that it would pain me. it pa
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life. do you know which races in america live longest and why? >>> good evening. as we come on the air tonight, several of the gulf of mexico is on fire. crews are trying to burn off some of the crude oil spilling off the ocean because of the oil rig explosion last week. it's a radical attempt to keep the oil slick the size of jamaica from traveling closer to shore, poisoning more fish and polluting popular beaches along the coast. ryan is there with the latest. how do you light a fire on the ocean in water? >> it's interesting. what they did just a few minutes ago is light a float on fire, send it into that oil, and that explodes. as you said, this is sort of a last resort. nothing else they tried has worked, at least not fast enough, and there's so much here at stake. we took this boat out into the gulf to see for our schbls. more than a week after a fiery oil rig explosion caused this spill, a waters of the gulf of mexico are on fire again. this time, the flames were intentionally set. far offshore, crews lit some of the thickest parts of the oil slick ablaze, parts surrounded by fi
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